zondag 30 december 2018

Resolutions Out, Goals In!

As 2019 is at our doorstep I am sitting here doing my homework assignments. Assignments yes, I have three of them, of which the results are partly here but will show in 2019. It is a well-known fact that only a few stick to new year resolutions mainly because aspirations are set too high, or we want things to happen overnight. It also has something to do with the timing. New beginnings have no special place on the calendar and in fact every new day can be the start of a new beginning. It is believed that the mind can bring forth reality and at the beginning of a new year with everyone being happy (under the influence of one thing or the other) our collective positiveness creates positive vibes igniting the people arround us. But then after all festivities, the rush wears off and good resolutions die quickly. So this time a different approach, and I am sure this time it is going to work. It has been a challenging two years in the health department. I even considered putting an end to what I forever believed I could not do without : Shaolin Quan Fa (Shaolin "Kungfu"). But then new people cross our paths at just the right time, saying the right things, doing the right things and pushing us the right way. All three had one thing in common. All at some point gave me an assignment to write down what it is I would like to achieve. The first person that landed me back on my feet was a therapist at the hospital. No resolutions, but clear cut goals were set after a couple of confronting sessions. As a result I got myself a job, one I can't wait to start next year. 

Number two, my physiotherapist. Been working on maintenance and strengthening my knee for some time now. There are many things I can no longer do but still... With a 5K run being the limit at the moment there is still improvement and at our last session of the year he suddenly goes: "please write down what it is you would like to achieve next in your recovery". That was assignment number two. And then assignment number three. At my all time physical low I got to know miss "O", my yoga teacher. There was a time I thought yoga was dull, floaty and easy (silly me). So how hard could it be for weak and wobbly me? Extremely hard because miss "O" was none of the above! As hard as it was, there was always an option you could do depending on your physical state and I worked hard to not having to do the easy options all the time. She goes: "please tell me, what is your goal in yoga practice next year?" A question which will also expose how much I understand of what I have learned so far...smart cookie, miss "O"... I got the first two down and handing this last one in tomorrow. These are not resolutions but clear cut goals that will last at least a year. How do I know? I am not doing it alone. I had to think of how to improve something which was already a work in progress, but most importantly, doing it under the watchful eye of a professional and /or coach. So ditch the resolution thing but set a feasible goal and partner up with someone that will keep you on track. A resolution is subject to change, a goal is a plan. Exiting this year humbled and thankful for all the help from family, friends and students and looking forward to seeing you again. Wishing you all a progressive year! Omituofo!